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Max Beckett

Max keeps tabs on all types of tech — from emerging worldwide trends to the latest consumer devices, he's in touch with what's happening. And as a Broadband Expert for, he's providing sound advice and key insights for anyone thinking of switching to a new broadband deal.

Articles by Max

Can I get fibre broadband in my area?

Using fibre-optic cables, fibre broadband delivers much faster speeds than standard broadband. Find out if your home has access to superfast fibre broadband here.

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People in coffee shop using broadband

What is an IP address?

Given communication is at the core of the internet, it's fairly important that you know what an IP address, even if the subject never comes up in conversation. Get the key facts with our guide.

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Woman using a Wi-Fi hotspot

A guide to Wi-Fi hotspots

You don't have to stay at home to connect to the internet, as any number of screenwriters using coffee shops as their offices will tell you. Find out how you can use Wi-Fi hotspots in our guide.

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Woman using internet with a static IP address

Why get a static IP address?

Did you know you can get both dynamic and static IP addresses? Is one better than the other? Find out why you might want a static IP address here.

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Solving internet connection problems

Internet connection problems can be the bane of our lives, especially if they happen all the time. Find out how to solve your internet connection problems in our guide.

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Woman on train using tablet with MiFi dongle

What is a MiFi dongle?

When you can't get online via a traditional connection, mobile internet in the form of MiFi dongles could be the answer. Find out more in our guide.

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Man calculating savings from decision to cancel broadband early for free

How to cancel broadband early for free

Is it possible to cancel broadband early for free? If it's just not working out, why should you have to pay to end a bad relationship? Find out if it's possible to do so here.

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A guide to fibre broadband installation

Installing fibre broadband is usually straightforward, but if you haven't done it before there can be a bit of confusion. Find out how to install fibre broadband here.

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Bits and bytes in videogames

Bits and bytes explained

Broadband speed is everything but how do we measure it? In this guide, we run down the idea of bits and bytes in terms of what they are and how they affect your broadband deal.

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