BT broadband deals

The UK’s biggest broadband provider says it ‘goes further’, with guaranteed speeds, efficient, friendly service and top-notch security features. BT offers phone, TV and mobile services in addition to broadband.

Why choose BT broadband?

Key features
  • Biggest broadband provider in the UK
  • One of the oldest and best-known communication companies in the world
  • Wide range of TV packages and mobile phone discounts that you can add to your BT broadband deal

The history of BT 

BT is one of the best-known telecoms providers in the world. It is proud of its history as the world’s oldest communications company. BT’s roots start with The Electric Telegraph Company in 1846. It was the first company to develop a nationwide communications network and evolved as part of the state-owned Post Office to become a private company in 1984, trading as British Telecom. Today, the BT Group has customers in 170 countries and includes Openreach, which manages the UK’s largest telecommunications network on behalf of BT and all the other providers.


As the UK’s biggest broadband provider, BT is the broadband provider of choice for 7.5 million UK customers. It offers plenty of different broadband deals and it’s easy to add phone calls, TV and sports channels to your basic package. Although it’s one of the best-known telecommunications companies in the world, BT still understands the importance to UK customers of being able to access local customer service when it’s needed, 24/7. BT’s speed guarantee and wealth of security features bring added peace of mind.

We say

As the longest standing broadband provider in the UK, BT is able to offer a whole host of different products, great technology and packages to its customers. Although it’s not typically the cheapest provider around, you do get value for money. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable broadband package and don’t mind paying out a bit extra, it’s worth exploring BT’s offering. But bear in mind, you may not be able to access its top speeds as BT Ultrafast Broadband is not widely available across the UK.

You say

"There's no escaping the fact that BT's prices are high. The reliability of the broadband service, however, is excellent. So it's probably a price worth paying."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by in July 2020.

What broadband deals does BT offer? 

As the largest telecommunications provider in the UK, BT offers broadband, home phone and subscription TV packages. BT has more than 7.5 million UK subscribers and is one of the ‘big four’ providers, along with Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. Together, the four companies provide broadband services to more than 90% of UK customers.

BT broadband deals are available at average speeds ranging from 10Mbps for its basic ADSL broadband to 67Mbps for its superfast broadband. The faster the average speed of the package you choose, the higher the monthly cost, generally. As a BT broadband customer, you’ll also have access to millions of BT Wi-Fi hotspots when you’re out and about.

Look at the latest deals box above to see the best BT broadband deals available at the moment. Please note that the average speed advertised must be available to half the customers in your postcode area at peak time (8-10pm), so there is a 50/50 chance that you’ll get a speed that’s higher or lower.

If you’re not sure what speed would be best for your household, take a look at our guide to choosing broadband to help you make the right choice.

The majority of BT broadband packages come as a 24-month contract. At the end of this period your monthly charge will increase unless you re-contract.

If you’d like some more information to help you decide whether to choose BT broadband, take a look at our BT broadband reviews page.

Here’s an overview of the different BT broadband packages available:

BT Unlimited Broadband

This is BT’s most basic broadband and the one available to more households in the UK than any of BT’s other offerings. It’s ADSL, so non-fibre, and comes through the same copper wires as your existing phone line, delivering an average speed of 10Mbps. This would suit you fine if you’re a light internet user – for instance, mainly using it for email and browsing social media on one or two different devices in your household.

As its name suggests, Unlimited has no limit on usage, although this is the same for BT’s other broadband deals as well. BT Unlimited Broadband comes with a BT Home Hub router, security software, parental controls and 10GB of BT Cloud storage.

BT Unlimited Broadband can be connected to your existing BT phone line. If you don’t already have a phone line you may need to pay an additional charge to have one installed.

BT Superfast Broadband

BT Superfast Broadband offers three different levels of fibre broadband, with average speeds ranging from 36 to 67Mbps and all with unlimited usage. About 96% of the UK should be able to access the BT Superfast Broadband options.

You’re likely to want to opt for fibre broadband rather than ADSL if you have more than two people in your household and if you want to use multiple devices regularly for activities such as video calls, streaming live TV and online gaming. 

Because this is fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) broadband, most of the journey between your broadband provider and your home router will be through fibre-optic cables. Fibre broadband is generally faster than ADSL broadband, and is usually more reliable. But as with ADSL, you’ll need a BT phone line for BT Superfast Broadband and an additional charge may apply if you need to have one installed.

All levels of BT Superfast Broadband come with a BT Home Hub router, security software, parental controls and at least 200GB of BT Cloud storage.

You can choose from:

  • BT Fibre Essential – average speed of 36Mbps.

  • BT Fibre 1 – average speed of 50Mbps.

  • BT Fibre 2 – average speed of 67Mbps.

BT Ultrafast Broadband

BT also offers several Ultrafast Broadband deals. These fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), or full-fibre packages advertise speeds between 152 and 314Mbps and guarantee a minimum speed of 100Mbps, even at peak times.

These BT Ultrafast Broadband packages are only available to a small proportion of UK households at the moment, but coverage is increasing all the time. You can see whether BT Ultrafast Broadband is available yet in your area by using this handy postcode checker.

BT Broadband and phone

All BT Broadband packages include weekend calls to UK landlines at no extra charge, including 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers. If you enjoy chatting on the phone throughout the week, you can upgrade your package with various different options that include daytime and evening calls.

You can even add-on international calls to help you save money if you regularly talk on the phone to friends and family overseas. If you only use your landline for occasional calls Monday to Friday, you may prefer the Pay As You Go option with a fixed charge per minute to all UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers.

BT Mobile

If you’re looking to tie-in your mobile phone contract with your other home phone, BT Broadband customers can get £5 a month off BT Mobile plans. BT Mobile is based on the EE network, so connection is good across the UK. If you’re a sports fan, the BT Sports app offers live Premier League games and Aviva Premiership coverage.

The app is usually £10 a month but you can get it included in the price of your mobile if you choose a mobile contract costing £5 or more (with your BT Broadband discount) or £20 or more (without the discount).

BT Broadband and TV

BT offers a comprehensive, flexible and exciting range of TV packages that you can add on to your BT broadband package. They all start with a YouView TV box that lets you record, pause and rewind live TV. You can pick from Sport, Big Sport, Classic Entertainment, Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP.

Apart from Classic Entertainment, all its packages are flexible so you can switch up the channels available to you as often as once a month if you want to. For example, when your favourite sport’s season is on you might want to flex to sports channels then hop back to more movie channels when the season’s over.

You can also add bolt-ons to your BT broadband and TV package and change these as often as monthly if you want to. The bolt-ons include the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass, BT TV Kids, NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Here’s an overview of what you can get from each BT TV package:

Classic Entertainment

Up to 94 Freeview channels, including 16 in HD. You can pause, record and rewind these channels on your YouView TV box. Seven days of catch-up are available through your TV guide and you can rent or buy the latest movies through the BT Store. 


The same Freeview channels as Classic, but also with Sky Atlantic, Sky One and more premium channels with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass. You also get more than 300 box sets on demand from NOW TV. You can pause, record and rewind these channels on your YouView TV box. If you have Fibre Broadband, you’ll be able to browse, stream and download on several devices at once.

Big Entertainment

Everything from the Entertainment package plus all Sky Cinema channels and more than 1000 NOW TV movies on demand.


All BT Sport channels and BoxNation with exclusive Premier League games, every match of the UEFA Champions League and lots more world-class sport.

Big Sport

Everything from the Sport package plus all Sky Sports channels, which brings you the Premier League, Formula 1®, golf majors and much more with the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass. 


Everything from the Big Entertainment package plus all 11 Sky Sports channels from NOW TV and all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation from BT. Full HD channels from BT and NOW TV.