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Hyperoptic broadband deals

Hyperoptic is one of the lesser-known names in UK broadband but has been making waves with its superfast fibre broadband speeds and low prices. It claims to be the UK’s largest gigabit (1Gbps) full-fibre broadband provider, focusing on incredible speed, value for money and customer service to set it apart from the broadband crowd.  

Why choose Hyperoptic broadband?

Key features
  • Unrivalled speed – up to 1Gbps
  • Zero exit fees
  • Unlimited downloads and no traffic management

The history of Hyperoptic

Founded in 2011, Hyperoptic only uses full fibre connections to deliver its broadband services, which is why it can deliver some of the fastest speeds available in the UK. Hyperoptic has focused on connecting its fibre network to residential and business developments but its coverage is limited – the company has installed its fibre network in 39 UK towns and is expanding its service.


Hyperoptic offers incredible speeds for prices that are on par with – or even cheaper than – most of the big-name providers’ slower deals. It’s flexible contract options, good customer service and reliability makes it an excellent choice, if you can get it with its limited coverage. 

We say

Hyperoptic is a true innovator in the UK broadband space – only providing full-fibre broadband connections to its customers which delivers some of the fastest speed you can get in the UK. On top of delivering incredible speeds, Hyperoptic’s pricing is extremely competitive with a lot of the big-name providers across the UK. Hyperoptic also has lots of customer-friendly policies like flexible contract options, no early cancellation fees and a promise to never increase your price during your contract. The only real drawback to Hyperoptic is that its service is so limited at the moment – with it only available across 39 UK towns and cities, and a select number of apartment blocks and new-builds among those.

You say

"better service provider."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by BroadbandDeals.com in July 2020.

What are Hyperoptic's prices?

One of the main selling points of Hyperoptic is how competitively priced its broadband deals are compared to the major providers – especially considering that Hyperoptic’s packages tend to be quicker than most of its rivals. Below is a breakdown of Hyperoptic’s costs for its fastest broadband packages and how they compare to the competition: 

HyperopticHyperopticBTVirgin Media
Max download speeds500Mbps1Gbps (1,000Mbps)300Mbps350Mbps
Cost per month£41£51£52.99£43
Contract length12 months12 months24 months12 months
Set-up fee£29£29£9.99Free
Included callsFree evening and weekendFree evening and weekendFree weekendFree weekend

The first thing to note with these prices is that both of Hyperoptic’s fastest broadband packages are significantly quicker than the deals offered by BT and Virgin Media. As you can see, Hyperoptic offers faster speeds at cheaper prices than BT and Virgin Media, alongside a shorter 12-month contract and a better calls package. All in all, Hyperoptic’s prices are extremely competitive and, if you can get the service, extremely compelling.

What services does Hyperoptic offer? 

Hyperoptic is famous for its full-fibre broadband deals, but it also delivers a whole host of other benefits. Read on to find out more: 

Hyperoptic’s fast broadband

Hyperoptic’s fast broadband package is the most cost-effective broadband speed the provider offers, with an average speed of 50Mbps. Despite being the slowest package Hyperoptic offers, 50Mbps is well above the national average broadband speed and will suit larger homes with lots of devices. Included for free with your broadband service will be Hyperoptic’s Hyperhub router as well as installation costs. There is a one-off setup fee of £29.

Hyperoptic’s superfast broadband

Superfast is Hyperoptic’s most popular broadband deal, delivering average speeds of 150Mbps.This speed is more than enough for larger households with lots of devices. You’ll also get Hyperoptic’s Hyperhub router and installation included in your monthly price, but there will be a one-off set up fee of £29.

Hyperoptic’s ultrafast broadband

Hyperoptic’s ultrafast broadband delivers average speeds of 500Mbps – a superfast connection that is one of the fastest broadband speeds available in the UK.

Like all of Hyperoptic’s broadband deals, the router and installation are provided free of charge with a one-off activation fee of £29. Ultrafast provides top-end speed for bigger households looking to stream Ultra HD content without experiencing any delays.

Hyperoptic’s hyperfast broadband

The fastest of Hyperoptic’s broadband deals, hyperfast delivers an eye-popping 1Gbps download speed. This is heavyweight internet speed for heavyweight users. Do you have lots of people and devices that will be online at the same time? Do you share large files? Do you want to livestream your gaming? If so, Hyperoptic’s hyperfast broadband is one of the few options across the UK that can deliver 1Gbps.

One important thing to note is that you won’t be able to benefit from full 1Gbps speeds over Wi-Fi as the technology currently can’t transmit data fast enough. So if you want full 1Gbps speeds, a wired connection is a must. As with all of Hyperoptic’s broadband deals, you’ll get unlimited downloads, no traffic shaping, its Hyperhub router and installation included in your monthly price. You will be charged a one-off activation fee of £29. 

Hyperoptic’s flexible contract options

Once you’ve picked which broadband speed you want, you will need to decide which contract type you want. Hyperoptic offers three options:

Hyperoptic’s contract options are a rarity in the broadband market – they do not look to lock in customers with early exit fees and long contracts, instead they let you choose a contract that suits your needs and try to reward long-standing customers with free speed upgrades.

The flexibility of these contracts make them great choices for second-home broadband, students, renters or anyone who needs broadband for less than 12 months

Hyperoptic broadband and phone

Another important difference between Hyperoptic and other broadband suppliers is that it doesn’t force you to pay for a phone service – that’s because it uses a full-fibre connection, so it doesn’t need to use the landline infrastructure to deliver internet.

However, if you did want to add calls to your Hyperoptic package you can. Hyperoptic provides a voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) phone service that lets you make and receive calls just like a landline phone. If you opt for Hyperoptic’s phone service, you will automatically get free evening and weekend calls. 

Hyperoptic offers two call add-ons for its phone service: 

  • Anytime UK – free landline calls at any time for £3 a month.

  • International – discounted international calls for £5 a month.

Installing Hyperoptic broadband

Because Hyperoptic only offers full-fibre broadband packages, the installation process is slightly different to traditional broadband. On your install date, a Hyperoptic engineer will drill a 10mm hole (usually above your front door) where they will thread a cable into your home and into the closest plug socket.

The engineer will then plug in and set up the Hyperhub router and make sure that the service is working before cleaning up and leaving – no sitting around and waiting for it to be activated. 

Hyperoptic says that its engineers will always clean up after themselves and that the installation process usually takes around an hour. Remember that you will need your landlord’s permission if you are renting before agreeing to the installation. 

How easy is it to switch to Hyperoptic? 

Despite Hyperoptic working on a different network to the majority of UK broadband suppliers, switching to Hyperoptic can be surprisingly simple.

Because Hyperoptic is on a different network, you can cancel your current service as and when you want; arranging for Hyperoptic to start when is good for you. You could even run both services at the same time, so you won’t be left without internet during the switch over. 

Hyperoptic’s 30-day guarantee 

Hyperoptic includes a 30-day guarantee with all of its broadband packages – that means that you can cancel your package within 30 days of your service’s activation with no penalty. 

Hyperoptic’s price match guarantee 

Hyperoptic will price-match any of the competition who offer the same speed to your home for cheaper. This is a great offer, but there are very few providers who can actually match Hyperoptic’s speeds at the moment. But if you can get Hyperoptic at your home, it’s worth shopping around to see if anyone is offering a cheaper package.

Hyperoptic’s customer service 

Hyperoptic is proud of its service record, pointing to its five-star rating on Trustpilot as proof that it takes customer service seriously. Unfortunately, Hyperoptic is too small a provider to be included in Ofcom’s industry-wide customer satisfaction report. 

If you have a problem with your Hyperoptic service, there is a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7, an email query service as well as a live chat function that’s available 24/7 too.