John Lewis broadband deals

John Lewis is best known for its high-end department stores, but it also provides broadband and phone services to customers across the UK. With a range of standard and fibre broadband packages currently on offer, here’s what you can expect from John Lewis broadband deals.

Why choose John Lewis broadband?

Key features
  • A range of simple standard and fibre broadband deals
  • No set-up fees or postage costs for your router
  • Great rewards like John Lewis e-gift cards

The history of John Lewis

John Lewis built its name through its chain of department stores, while a merger with supermarket brand Waitrose extended the unusual employee-partner policy across both brands. Since 2012, John Lewis has also lent its name to broadband and home phone services through an agreement with Plusnet. While John Lewis isn’t the cheapest broadband provider, it relies on strong customer service and straightforward broadband packages to attract customers.

John Lewis broadband and phone services are supplied by Plusnet, in turn owned by BT. That gives Plusnet access to the Openreach fibre network that covers 96 per cent of the UK, and an ADSL network extending into 99 per cent of homes. Only residents in isolated rural locations will struggle to take advantage of John Lewis broadband deals.


John Lewis broadband is a good option for consumers who want a simple broadband package without hidden charges that’s easy to understand. The lack of setup fees also makes John Lewis an attractive provider for the cost-conscious, while the brand’s iconic reputation for customer service is another draw.

We say

If you want lightning-fast internet, quad-play services and extensive options to customise your package, providers like Sky and BT will be a better option. If you want a simple broadband package, John Lewis broadband deals might be a sensible choice. In terms of costs, standard unlimited broadband represents good value for money considering its 10Mbps average speed, but you may be able to get fibre speeds cheaper elsewhere. The big draw with John Lewis Broadband is its excellent customer service, providing reassurance that any problems will be dealt with efficiently.

You say

"Some times there is an issue in network but their team is always there to help."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by in July 2020.

What John Lewis broadband and phone deals can I get?

There are three broadband packages available with John Lewis Broadband – Unlimited, Fibre and Fibre Extra. While other internet service providers (ISPs) are moving away from requiring landlines, all John Lewis packages come with a phone line. There are no hidden fees or activation costs, and every service comes with free evening and weekend calls across a 12-month contract period.

Here’s what you can expect from the latest John Lewis broadband and phone deals: 

Unlimited – broadband and phone

This is an ADSL plan carried across copper phone lines, with an average 10Mbps download speed and a modest 1Mbps upload speed. It’s well-suited to light internet users who don’t use their broadband connection for anything intensive like 4K gaming, preferring to send emails, browse social media and watch the odd YouTube video.

Other features of the John Lewis Broadband Unlimited plan are:

  • Free router and activation

  • 12-month contract

  • Free PC internet security package included courtesy of BullGuard

  • Unlimited data usage – no caps on the amount you download

  • Free inclusive evening and weekend calls

  • Free email address

Fibre – broadband and phone

If you stream a lot of TV and films or play games online, a Fibre to the Connection deal will only use copper cabling for the final stage of data’s journey to your home, with fibre optic cables doing most of the heavy lifting. The John Lewis Broadband Fibre plan offers average download and upload speeds of 36Mbps and 9Mbps respectively, enabling more devices in your household to be online simultaneously.

Other features of the John Lewis Broadband Fibre plan are:

  • Free router and activation

  • 12-month contract

  • Free PC internet security package included courtesy of BullGuard

  • Unlimited data usage – no caps on the amount you download

  • Free inclusive evening and weekend calls

  • Free email address

Fibre Extra – broadband and phone

For most households, the John Lewis Broadband Fibre plan will be more than enough. Regular 4K subscribers and avid gamers may benefit from the extra speed that the 66Mbps Fibre Extra plan, with its 18Mbps average upload speeds. 

Other features of the John Lewis Broadband Fibre Extra plan are:

  • Free router and activation

  • 12-month contract

  • Free PC internet security package included courtesy of BullGuard

  • Unlimited data usage – no caps on the amount you download

  • Free inclusive evening and weekend calls

  • Free email address

Why might my John Lewis Broadband connection speed be slow at times?

Although John Lewis Broadband doesn’t restrict the amount of data customers can upload and download, it differs from other ISPs by practising traffic management. Intended to ensure all customers have access to the same speed, it can cause average speeds to drop when lots of people are using the internet. This could cause film and TV streaming services to buffer and pixelate, while it might render immersive online games unplayable.

What other services can I get with John Lewis broadband and phone deals? 

John Lewis Broadband isn’t the brand to choose if you love bundled deals, quad-play services or customisable packages. However, every customer does receive free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines between 7pm and 7am on weekdays and over the weekend. It’s also possible to customise your phone plan further:

  • Anytime calls to UK landlines, seven days a week, including a 25 per cent discount when calling 35 countries abroad.

  • Anytime and International, as above, but additionally providing 300 inclusive minutes for calling 35 international destinations.

  • A mobile phone bolt-on can be applied to the Anytime or Anytime and International plans, which extends those anytime minutes to UK mobile phone numbers. 

Voicemail and caller display come as standard with phone packages, while it’s also possible to add services like anonymous call rejection, call waiting and call divert to domestic or international numbers.

What router will I get with John Lewis Broadband?

John Lewis Broadband customers get a free router which allows a single connection to be shared easily throughout the home. Every router contains four Ethernet ports for wired connections, which is useful for optimising connectivity to devices where a physical router connection is important – such as gaming and streaming on a PlayStation or Xbox console. 

How do I switch to John Lewis Broadband?

As with most ISPs, the process of switching to a John Lewis Broadband and phone package should be straightforward. Once you sign up, John Lewis will contact your current provider and take care of everything for you. They’ll send out a letter or email informing you of the request to transfer connectivity, alongside a final bill. It’s important to cancel any direct debits with your current ISP once this bill has been settled. 

The cancellation process differs when switching from a full fibre cable provider like Virgin Media. Because they use different hardware, you’ll need to contact them yourself and inform them of an impending contract cancellation. They usually need 30 days’ notice for this to take effect, so get in touch as soon as possible after signing up to a John Lewis Broadband and phone package.

John Lewis Broadband customer service

As might be expected from a company with one eye on customer service, there are several ways to access John Lewis Broadband customer support. You can speak to the customer support team seven days a week, or raise a query online. Speaking of which, online support includes a trouble-shooter that can diagnose and fix problems, while the firm’s Service Status section provides details of maintenance work.

John Lewis Broadband relies on Plusnet infrastructure, which is a good thing considering Plusnet has won awards for its level of customer service. For example, in Ofcom’s Customer Satisfaction Tracker 2019, Plusnet had the second-highest customer satisfaction score (46%), with EE in first place (47%). It also had the highest satisfaction with reliability of service (51%), compared to all other major broadband providers.