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NOW TV broadband deals

NOW Broadband has been making waves in the broadband market by offering competitively priced broadband that can be bundled with some of Sky’s great entertainment options – all available with no-contract options.

Why choose NOW TV broadband?

Key features
  • No-contract broadband options mean ultimate flexibility
  • Can be bundled with NOW TV deals for good-value entertainment packages
  • All NOW Broadband deals have unlimited downloads – even the cheapest

The history of NOW Broadband 

NOW TV has been providing lower-cost entertainment since 2012 through short-term contracts and passes. NOW TV is owned and operated by Sky, so offers a lot of Sky’s exclusive entertainment offerings without the need for a long-term contract.

NOW Broadband was launched in 2018, giving customers the freedom to pick a contract-free fibre broadband package at a competitive rate. The flexibility and short-term contracts are what sets NOW Broadband apart from other competitors. 


NOW Broadband is all about flexibility; not locking customers into long-term contracts so they can pick and choose when they need a service. If you want to bundle premium TV options in with your broadband but also don’t want to be tied down with a long contract, NOW TV passes can easily be added (and removed) – putting you in control.

We say

NOW Broadband is a relative newcomer to the broadband market but, backed by Sky’s infrastructure, it offers competitive broadband speeds at competitive prices, but the real draw is the flexibility of its no-contract options – a rarity in the fibre broadband field! In fact, NOW Broadband recently won Best Value Broadband Provider and Broadband Provider of the Year at the prestigious 2020 Uswitch Broadband Awards. Its win is a testament to how competitive NOW Broadband’s pricing, speed and contract options are. And when you throw NOW TV into the mix – winner of Uswitch Awards’ TV Provider of the Year – the bundles that you can create are some of the best around.

You say

"Very pleased with NOW broadband - had no problems at all getting no-contract broadband at a very competitive price!"

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by BroadbandDeals.com in July 2020.

NOW TV Broadband deals explained 

True to its word, NOW Broadband is all about being flexible and easy for customers to use. Below are the options available to you when building your NOW Broadband deal. The first thing to look for is the speed that you need: 

NOW Broadband’s Brilliant Broadband

NOW Broadband’s most affordable broadband deal delivers ADSL speeds with an average of 11Mbps. This deal includes unlimited downloads and line rental included in the cost. You can pick Brilliant Broadband with either a 12-month contract or no contract option. NOW TV’s Brilliant Broadband is a great option for a small household that uses the internet for simple things like sending emails and browsing the web. 

NOW Broadband Fab Fibre 

Fab Fibre delivers an average download speed of 36Mbps alongside unlimited downloads and line rental in the costs. Again, Fab Fibre can be had on either a 12-month contract or a no-contract option. Fab Fibre is a good choice for a small family that has a few devices and will be using the internet for things like occasional YouTube videos, social media and emailing. 

NOW Broadband Super Fibre

Super Fibre is NOW Broadband’s fastest option, offering an average download speed of 63Mbps. This makes it an ideal choice for busier homes with more people who will be using the Wi-Fi to stream videos and play games online. As with all the other deals, Super Fibre includes unlimited downloads and line rental is included.  

NOW Broadband – contract lengths

NOW Broadband offers two different contract lengths, a 12-month option and a rolling monthly no-contract option. 

NOW Broadband 12-month contract

NOW Broadband’s longest contract option is still shorter than a lot of other providers, given that 18- and 24-month contracts are the norm for most of the market. Thankfully, NOW Broadband’s 12-month contract makes it a good option for most people, including renters because the majority of rental agreements will run for 12 months minimum. Having a 12-month contract also gives you the freedom to switch broadband deals more frequently. 

NOW Broadband no contract

NOW Broadband’s no-contract option gives the ultimate flexibility, letting you easily pick and choose when you need broadband – helping you save money by only paying for broadband as and when you need it. All of this freedom does come at an extra cost, with NOW Broadband charging a set-up fee to activate the service. But you will only need to give 30 days’ notice to NOW Broadband if you want to stop your service.

NOW Broadband home phone

If you want to add phone calls to your NOW Broadband deal, there are three options that you can choose from. 

The first is ‘Pay-as-you-use Calls’ which doesn’t have a monthly cost, but you will be charged for any calls you make at NOW Broadband’s standard rates (16p per minute to UK landlines).

The second option is ‘Evening & Weekend Calls’ which gives you unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers on weekday evenings (19:00 to 07:00) and all weekend. The Evening & Weekend Calls package costs £4 a month.

The third option is ‘Anytime Calls’ which gives you unlimited calls to UK landline and mobile numbers 24/7. This option costs £8 a month. 

With all NOW Broadband deals, line rental is included in the monthly costs. 

How easy is switching to NOW Broadband? 

Switching to NOW Broadband can be a very simple process. Normally, you won’t need an engineer to visit your home to set it all up, unless you don’t already have a phone line. If you currently get your broadband from BT, TalkTalk, EE or Plusnet, NOW Broadband will automatically contact them and let them know about the changeover – making it a super simple process for you. If you are switching from Virgin Media, you will need to cancel your service personally, before NOW Broadband can proceed with the switch. 

All in all, the switch over to NOW Broadband can normally happen within a couple of weeks of signing up. 

Do you want to add NOW TV to your NOW Broadband package? 

When you sign up to NOW Broadband it’s really easy to bundle in NOW TV, which gives you access to some of Sky’s most popular channels as well as box sets for a monthly fee, with no long-term contract. You can choose from:

  • Entertainment pass – Giving you access to over 300 box sets and TV channels that aren’t on Freeview.

  • Sky Cinema Pass – You can watch over 1,000 movies on demand with a new premiere every week.

  • Sky Sports Pass Access to all 11 of Sky’s Sports channels so you never miss the big game. 

  • Sky Sports Mobile Pass You can watch five Sky Sports channels on your mobile.

  • Kids Pass Six dedicated channels to keep the kids entertained. 

  • Hayu Pass Over 150 box sets focused on reality TV. 

You can stream your NOW TV passes across multiple devices inside your home or when you’re out and about, and you don’t need a satellite dish or cable connection. 

If you want to watch on your home TV and it’s not a smart TV, you can buy a NOW TV stick or a NOW TV smart box, which will give you access to other channels and apps. 

NOW Broadband’s NOW Hub 2 router

No matter which of NOW Broadband’s three broadband deals you pick, you will receive the NOW Hub 2 Wi-Fi router. The NOW Hub 2 is actually the same as Sky’s Q Hub which is one of our favourite routers that comes bundled with broadband.

The dual-band NOW Hub 2 is capable of using both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies, giving you the option for far-reaching Wi-Fi with 2.4Ghz or the current fastest-possible Wi-Fi (5Ghz). The router is easy to set up and, if anything goes wrong, NOW Broadband’s customer helpline is open seven days a week, with an online chat option and an active community page to help solve any problems.