TalkTalk broadband deals

TalkTalk sits among the UK’s leading broadband providers and claims to offer value for money with its packages that are simple and affordable. It provides a vast range of home and business broadband packages, covering 96% of the UK population. 

Why choose TalkTalk broadband?

Key features
  • Low-cost broadband packages available
  • All packages feature unlimited data usage
  • Superfast and ultrafast broadband speeds available

The history of TalkTalk

TalkTalk has been providing broadband, phone and TV services for 20 years, serving more than four million customers. It’s one of the most well-known brands in the UK and operates on the Openreach broadband network, covering 96% of the population. TalkTalk states that its key focus is to provide affordable, reliable fixed connectivity to consumers. With that, in 2018, TalkTalk launched FibreNation – a new company to roll out fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband to three million homes and businesses as a gigabit-capable option in addition to its superfast options. This is part of its mission “to be at the heart of Britain’s Full Fibre future”. 


Keen to be a key player in Britain’s ‘Full Fibre future’, TalkTalk is among a few providers offering hyperfast (or gigabit-capable) broadband, promising speeds of around 900Mbps, though currently to a small number of UK premises. It offers fast and affordable broadband packages, with the opportunity to bundle in its TalkTalk TV services – it also has a comprehensive business broadband offering.

We say

If you’re looking for fast and affordable broadband, TalkTalk is offering exactly that. Its TalkTalk TV and phone services make it easy to bundle everything you need in one package. You can also pick and choose which ‘calling boosts’ and TV add-ons you would like in your bundle – so you only pay for the services you want. However, its customer service is arguably lacking for a provider with 20 years’ experience, as shown in Ofcom’s ‘Comparing Service Quality’ report.

You say

"It's good value broadband with good, reliable speed."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by in July 2020.

What broadband deals can I get with TalkTalk?

TalkTalk is among the top broadband providers in the UK and uses the Openreach network like most other big names in broadband (apart from Virgin Media). It offers everything from standard ADSL broadband through to Ultra Fibre Optic, which claims to provide a 900Mbps full fibre connection to a home – so, you can find a package suited to most internet needs. 

Here’s an outline of what you can get with TalkTalk.

Fast Broadband

Ideal for basic internet users that typically only use their broadband for emails, browsing the web and checking online banking, this package provides average speeds of 11Mbps, has unlimited data usage and comes with TalkTalk’s ‘Super Router’. This router switches between two frequencies to provide a more reliable signal, and its software also updates automatically so it should always be running at its best. 

Faster Fibre

Now, for those that like to stream TV regularly, download files and play some games online, the Faster Fibre package would be ideal. It has average download speeds of 38Mbps, unlimited internet usage and comes with TalkTalk’s 30-day Great Connection Guarantee – if you’re not happy with this package you can leave for free at any point during the first 30 days of your contract.

Faster Fibre comes with the Wi-Fi Hub Black which has been optimised for the TalkTalk network. It has a removable Wi-Fi card for easy sharing of the password, and TalkTalk boasts that it provides a strong, fast and reliable Wi-Fi signal. 

Superfast Fibre 

Superfast Fibre is suited to bigger households that all like to connect to stream, download and play games online. It provides a 67Mbps average download speed and comes with TalkTalk’s award-winning Wi-Fi Hub. TalkTalk claims that it has “even more Wi-Fi power” and provides a “seriously strong Wi-Fi connection, punching signal into more corners of your home” – so, you should have no issues playing the latest games online. 

Faster 150 Fibre

TalkTalk boasts that its Faster 150 Fibre deal is 13 times faster (145Mbps) than traditional broadband, making it perfect for households with a “serious need for speed”. Typically, fibre broadband uses fibre-optic cables for most of the network, but part of the connection to the home is still copper, which doesn’t allow it to hit full fibre speeds.

With Faster 150 Fibre, TalkTalk uses equipment to ‘supercharge’ the copper to provide a more reliable connection. This deal also comes with its award-winning Wi-Fi Hub, unlimited data usage, free engineer installation and 25Mbps average upload speed.

Ultra Fibre Optic Internet (UFO)

This package is probably what puts TalkTalk in the top leagues because with UFO you can achieve speeds of around 900Mbps. Using a full fibre connection, it runs fibre cables all the way to your door, removing the need for copper and providing a reliable, hyperfast connection. However, it’s not widely available across the UK so you may not be able to get this package just yet. You can use this postcode checker to find out what broadband is available in your area. 

What other services does TalkTalk provide?

It’s not just broadband that TalkTalk has to offer, it also provides TV and phone services – so you can bundle everything together in one place. 

TalkTalk TV

The TalkTalk TV box will give you access to 80 Freeview channels, 7-day catch-up, pause and rewind, plus the ability to add extra channels a month at a time. The TalkTalk TV Plus Box offers the same as the standard box but allows you to record up to 180 hours of your favourite shows and movies. You can also access Netflix and Amazon Prime, and watch TV while on the move with the TalkTalk TV app. You can add TalkTalk TV to most broadband packages.


With TalkTalk, all broadband plans come with a standard phone service, and any calls made are charged at a standard rate. The provider does not currently offer more specific broadband and phone packages, but you can add a ‘calling boost’ to your broadband deal. You can choose from:

  • Unlimited UK Calls – Unlimited calls to UK landlines 24/7.

  • International Max – 1,000 minutes to call mobiles and landlines in 50 countries. 

  • Voicemail Plus – Add personalised voicemail greetings, extra storage and remote access to your voicemail. 

  • Mobile Minutes Boost – Unlimited calls from your landline to UK mobiles (TalkTalk TV Plus customers only). 

What security is available?

Not only does TalkTalk offer broadband, TV and phone services, but it also has some security options to help protect these services and keep you safe online. These include:

  • CallSafe: This feature lets you screen all calls to your landline to prevent scam and nuisance callers contacting you. 

  • HomeSafe: This website filter is designed to protect your home’s wireless network from suspicious websites and content. You can also choose which types of websites you would like to block and receive virus alerts. 

  • SuperSafe Boost: Powered by security experts F-Secure, this feature will keep you and your family safe from viruses, phishing attempts and banking fraud. It will protect up to 10 devices. 

What business broadband options does TalkTalk offer?

TalkTalk has been offering broadband to businesses for over 20 years, providing not only superfast fibre packages, but also a huge range of useful extras like security and a Static IP address. Here’s what you can get: 

Simply Business Broadband 

This unlimited broadband package offers speeds of up to 17Mbps, free standard line installation, Free Caller Display, WorkSafe® (network level security), and the award-winning Wi-Fi Hub. You can also add in a Static IP address for a small fee and access TalkTalk’s UK contact centre 365 days a year. 

Complete Business Broadband and Phone 

You get the same speeds and all the extras you would want with Simply Business Broadband, plus:

  • Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls

  • Free Multi Calling, Caller Forwarding, Reminder Call, Caller Waiting, Caller Display and Number Withhold

  • Free premises move.

Simply Superfast Fibre and Complete Superfast Fibre 

Simply Superfast Fibre is essentially the same package as Simply Business Broadband, but you can reach better download speeds up to 76Mbps. Again, with Complete Superfast Fibre, you get everything you would with the Complete Business Broadband and phone deal but can expect speeds up to 76Mbps.

How do I switch to TalkTalk broadband?

Once you have chosen your package and placed your order, TalkTalk will contact your current provider – as long as you’re with BT, EE, Plusnet, or Sky – to make arrangements for the switch. Bear in mind if you’re also switching from Sky TV, you will need to cancel that yourself.

You should then soon receive your activation date and, providing you have a working phone line, should be able to access your new services in around two weeks. If you don’t have a working phone line, an engineer will need to come to your home to install one, which will cost £50 and is charged on your first TalkTalk bill. 

TalkTalk customer service 

With TalkTalk there are several ways to get in touch if you have a problem. Its Live Chat is available seven days a week, 365 days a year until 7pm or alternatively you could, call, email or send a letter. You can also check your service on its website using its Service Centre. 

However, its customer service has had some criticism over the years. According to an Ofcom report in 2019, TalkTalk scored below the industry average in a few areas. It found that customers were less likely to be satisfied with their overall service and less likely to recommend TalkTalk to a friend, compared to other providers like EE, Sky, BT, Virgin Media and Plusnet

In addition, the report noted that TalkTalk customers are also more likely to have a reason to complain and less likely to have their complaint resolved on first contact. Customers were also less likely to be satisfied with how their complaint is handled.