BT broadband review

BT customer reviews


"We lose internet connection very, very occasionally but never for long. On the whole I am delighted with the service."


"Slower speeds than advertised but still pretty fast."


"reliable and fast. Annoying to have to renegociate a reasonable cost for service when contract ends."

EE broadband review

EE customer reviews


"Bad connection but perfect otherwise."


"Good price but the speed can be slow and there are outages at least once, sometimes more per week."


"Excellent reliability, good price and no hassling from customer services to take up new/added services."

Vodafone broadband review

Vodafone customer reviews


"Good performance and good reliability at a fairly good price."


"Very fast speed and low cost fibre, however router is a little less user friendly than others."


"Good provider yet slightly slower speeds than expected."

Virgin broadband review

Virgin Media customer reviews


"Easy good set up, very fast though drops out quite often it comes back relatively quickly. After the initial year it is very expensive."


"They are very personal with their service and care about what I need from them. If I have any queries, I know I will be seen to immediately and given the greatest care."


"They need to improve the reliability of the service. Lately, my broadband has been dropping out too often and for too long."

Sky broadband review

Sky customer reviews


"Speed sometimes is so slow that it makes using the internet unbearable."


"Excellent service, pricing OK, fast and have never had any issues."


"Very reliable, although the speed does vary from time to time."

Now broadband review

NOW TV customer reviews


"Good deals available and cashback offered. Good signal/speeds available but activation time/instructions could be clearer."


"Good value, good customer service, sometimes a little slow."


"It's good, but we have experienced issues with the connection."

TalkTalk broadband review

TalkTalk customer reviews


"Reliability mainly. Been with talk talk for many years and there has been very few breakdowns in service. The cost could do with lowering a bit though."


"It would say how everything is ok, its nothing amazing but its ok speeds and reliability for us."


"It is good, good price, pretty reliable only issue is customer service is not great. Bad line and did not ring back when they said they would. Also a bit rude."

Plusnet broadband review

Plusnet customer reviews


"They are great value for money and the connection is very good."


"Reliable fibre-optic broadband from a BT company (Plusnet) without paying BT prices."


"Reduced speed at peak times."

If you want to ensure that you’re getting the best broadband provider for you, it pays to research. ensures our broadband reviews are independent, impartial and insightful because we survey thousands of broadband customers across the UK to get their thoughts on their broadband service. There's no jargon or bias here - we just offer clear, factual broadband reviews, so you can choose the internet provider and deal that’s right for you.

UK broadband provider reviews

The UK’s big-name broadband providers, like BT and Virgin, have plenty to offer customers, but they’re not the only options out there. The broadband reviews here also cover smaller internet suppliers, which may suit you better if you’re looking for something beyond the usual home broadband setup. For instance, you can find information about business and mobile broadband options, and we cover factors including speed, installation, hardware and customer service amongst much more.

What should I be looking for in a broadband review?

When reading broadband reviews, always keep in mind what's most important to you in a broadband deal and watch out for whether a deal or provider meets that need.

For instance, you might be looking for:

  • High speeds - this will be especially important if you live in a household of heavy internet users

  • Flexible contracts - those that don't want to be tied into contracts for a year or two should be on the lookout for contracts that either roll from month to month or don't have any cancellation fees

  • Rewards and extras - many providers offer extras to sweeten their deals, which may help sway you one way or the other

Contract options in broadband provider reviews

When reading broadband reviews, make sure you pay attention to the details provided about different contracts, including how long they last and if there are any cancellation fees for ending the contract early. You might also want to take notice of any innovative payment options and contracts that are available to sign up to without a credit check.

How to understand broadband reviews

Broadband reviews can be confusing - there's a few areas where you might not be sure what some of the terms mean. The best thing to do is to look out for real-world examples of what providers’ broadband services can deliver. For instance, a standard broadband offer that gives you an average speed of 10 or 11 Mbps (megabits per second) doesn't necessarily help you understand what that means in practice - how does it affect you in the real world? No matter what you do – whether that’s sending emails, browsing the web, downloading files, streaming box sets or playing massively multiplayer online games – these broadband reviews enable you to see if a deal is right for you.

Similarly, we explain what connections are available on the router supplied by the broadband provider. You’ll know what sort of Wi-Fi you’ll get, what speed to expect if you plug in an Ethernet cable and how many connections are available in total.

Is switching and installing covered in broadband provider reviews?

Broadband reviews on cover how easy it is to switch to the broadband provider under consideration, how easy it is to install any hardware or software and whether help can be provided if required. And of course, the broadband reviews you find here always keep an eye on costs, so you’ll know if that help will cost you extra.

Broadband bundle reviews

You may be able to bundle your broadband with TV services or mobile phone plans, like those offered by Sky, BT and Virgin Media. These bundled deals don’t always provide the most affordable option – so you shouldn’t limit your options by only considering those broadband reviews – but they are convenient if you want the simplicity of a single contract. That said, broadband providers are often willing to offer new and existing customers generous discounts if they add in extra services.

Mobile broadband reviews

The broadband provider reviews that are shown here focus on services delivered by fixed ASDL lines, fibre optic or cable. Although the rollout of 5G may change things, at the moment, most people tend to use mobile broadband – sometimes called MiFi – when they’re away from home. Mobile broadband may be an option for your home, however, depending on the mobile network speed available in your area.