BT broadband review

BT broadband has a sterling reputation, especially when it comes to its TV bundles, but is it right for you? Find out below.

  • Trusted provider - BT is one of the most well-known providers in the UK, serving six million customers in the UK
  • Broadband speeds - BT has the capacity to offer broadband speeds exceeding 152Mbps and many different packages to suit your needs
  • Reliability - for the first quarter of 2020, only 2% of broadband and home phone customers experienced loss of their broadband services

What's the verdict?

If you’re looking for a cheap broadband deal you may want to rule BT out. But, if you’re looking for one of the best broadband services around and cost isn’t an issue, BT may be the provider for you.

There’s also a lot of options to choose from with BT broadband, so you can find the right package for you - explore BT’s broadband packages here. 

We say

As the longest standing broadband provider in the UK, BT is able to offer a whole host of different products, great technology and packages to its customers. Although it’s not typically the cheapest provider around, you do get value for money. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable broadband package and don’t mind paying out a bit extra, it’s worth exploring BT’s offering. But bear in mind, you may not be able to access its top speeds as BT Ultrafast Broadband is not widely available across the UK.

You say

"We've been with BT for over ten years, so they must be doing something right! Their service has been extremely reliable over that time, and we wouldn't think about switching."


"We lose internet connection very, very occasionally but never for long. On the whole I am delighted with the service."


"Slower speeds than advertised but still pretty fast."


"reliable and fast. Annoying to have to renegociate a reasonable cost for service when contract ends."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by in July 2020.

The provider

Most of us have heard of BT before, it’s possibly the most recognised Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the UK. In fact, it’s one of the world’s oldest communications companies, formerly known as The Electric Telegraph Company when it was established in 1846. It was also the first company to develop a nationwide communications network. BT was part of the state-owned Post Office, before being privatised in 1984, and has since grown to become the biggest UK broadband supplier with over six million customers. Globally, BT Group serves customers in 170 countries and owns Openreach – the company that maintains the network for BT and other providers.

The process

Changing to BT is relatively straightforward and you should only be offline for around 30 minutes on the day of the switch. After you’ve chosen your broadband package, BT will inform your current provider, so you don’t have to – unless you’re with Virgin Media or a broadband provider on a network that isn’t Openreach. Within two weeks, you should receive a switching date and your BT Smart Hub will be sent to you in the post. Just plug it in and BT will send you a text when everything is activated. There may be some instances where an engineer will need to visit your home, which may slow the process down – BT will tell you if this is the case when you sign up.

The product

Both of BT’s Smart Hubs are Which? Best Buys, offering a reliable broadband connection in your home. They come complete with smart technology that enables more devices to get a superfast connection. They also have Smart channel selection, meaning all your devices connect to the fastest Wi-Fi channel. Its Smart scan feature means your hub will be continually scanned to check network performance and will reboot if there is a problem. The Smart Hub 2 is available if you buy or upgrade to a fibre package with Complete Wi-Fi or Halo 2. It comes with Wi-Fi controls that allow you to manage your family’s screen time. It can be bought on its own for £100.

BT Broadband deals and offers

If you’re looking for quality, reliable broadband, BT may be a safe bet, but you might pay more compared to other providers. Although it’s not the cheapest broadband provider, BT does give value for money – as one of the oldest communications companies in the world, it is probably one of the most reliable ISPs out there.

As of August 2020, BT’s Fibre Essential package will cost around £26.99 a month and offers broadband speeds up to 36Mbps. You can get the BT Fibre 1 package for around £27 a month, with speeds up to 50Mbps. You should also consider that, unlike some other providers, BT does usually have upfront costs that could make joining BT a bit more expensive. 

BT business broadband 

Similar to home broadband packages, BT’s business deals are again a little bit more expensive than its rivals – at the moment, its cheapest business broadband deal is its Superfast Fibre Essential and Digital Phone Line offering, and costs around £35.

If you’re looking for a package with more extras, the Superfast Fibre Enhanced & Digital Phone Line Offer is available for around £42. With this you get enhanced IT support, a free static IP address and Guest Wi-Fi. 

You can take a look at BT’s broadband packages and deals here.

BT broadband speed

From basic ADSL broadband to BT’s Ultrafast deal, speeds with BT vary depending on the type of package you choose. How fast you need your internet to be will depend on how you use the internet. If you have a lot of smart home devices that need connecting to broadband, or regularly stream movies on a 4K television, you will need a fast broadband speed. With BT, you can choose from the following:

Standard (ADSL)

ADSL broadband is the most basic broadband you can get in your home and offers speeds of around 10Mbps. It’s slower than fibre-optic broadband but is fast enough for basic internet usage.

BT’s basic broadband is also unlimited, so there is no limit on how often you use it. This package also comes with a BT Home Hub router, security software, parental controls and 10GB of BT Cloud storage.

BT Superfast Broadband

With BT Superfast Broadband, you can choose from three different packages depending on the speed you need – and they all come with 200GB of BT Cloud Storage. 

BT Fibre Essential: With BT Fibre Essential you can achieve speeds up to 36Mbps, which is ideal if you occasionally stream TV shows and sometimes play online games. 

BT Fibre 1: This is the upgrade to the BT Fibre Essential package and offers speeds of up to 50Mbps, which is perfect for connecting multiple devices to your broadband. 

BT Fibre 2: Fibre 2 has speeds of around 67Mbps and is similar to what other providers are offering. 

What’s great about BT’s Superfast broadband offering is that more than 95% of the UK should be able to access at least one of these options. However, you will have to have a BT phone line in order to go for one of these options which may come at an extra cost if you don’t have one already.

BT Ultrafast Broadband

If you spend a lot of your time playing games on your PlayStation or Xbox or streaming movies to a 4K television, you are probably looking for top broadband speeds. BT has a range of Ultrafast Broadband deals with speeds between 152 and 314Mbps – you are also guaranteed a minimum speed of 100Mbps.

However, these packages are only available to a small part of the UK, unlike Virgin Media, which can offer these speeds to a larger part of the country. You can see whether BT Ultrafast Broadband is available in your area using this postcode checker.

BT broadband upload speeds

The upload speed you get will depend on which broadband package you have chosen. If you have opted for Standard BT Broadband, you will have an upload speed of 2Mbps. With Superfast Fibre 1 you get upload speeds up to 9.5Mbps and with Fibre 2 up to 19.5Mbps. 

These speeds are pretty much the norm compared to other top broadband providers. If you are able to get BT Ultrafast Broadband, you can expect an upload speed of 10Mpbs. 

BT broadband download limits

All BT broadband packages are unlimited, so you can use the internet for as long and often as you like. There are also no fair usage clauses and so the performance and quality of your broadband should remain the same (unless there are any other broadband issues). Your speed will also not be slowed down as BT has no traffic management either. 

BT Halo review

BT has recently been offering BT Halo, which gives you 5G mobile coverage, superfast Wi-Fi at home, and access to a technical support team. It comes with the latest Smart Hub 2 and the option to take out Complete Wi-Fi, which guarantees a strong connection in every room of the house.

As a Halo customer, if you ever experience a problem with your broadband, BT will send out a 4G Mini Hub so you can stay online. However, it is a little bit more expensive than some of BT’s other packages and will cost around £57 a month. This may be the package for you if you’re interested in extra tech support and a reliable fast broadband connection. 

BT customer service 

BT offers what is expected of ISPs in terms of customer service and has a good track record of helping its customers. If you experience an issue with your broadband, BT should be fairly easy to get hold of as they typically answer 100% of calls in its UK call centres, with the average wait time of 193 seconds.

Its services are also very reliable and have recorded only 2% of customers losing their broadband or mobile services during the first quarter of 2020. You can also seek help via its live chat which operates up until 10.45pm – so if you have any problems at an inconvenient time, you can still get the help you need.