EE broadband review

It's fairly common knowledge that EE mobile coverage is among the best in the UK – but how good is EE broadband? Read on to help you decide.

  • Great customer satisfaction ratings - EE stands among the top providers for broadband and landline customer satisfaction
  • Monthly data boost - if you’re an EE mobile customer and sign up for EE broadband, you can get a free monthly data boost up to 20GB
  • Cash help if you get charged to switch - EE will give you £50 credit if your old provider charges you to switch to EE

What’s the verdict?

EE is definitely worth considering for its top-rated customer service, good mix of speed and price and extra-data incentives for EE broadband customers who are also on its mobile network. It might come lower down your list, though, if you’re looking for top-notch TV entertainment or ultrafast internet speeds.

We say

EE is serious about good customer service and its high ratings show customers appreciate this commitment. It’s also serious about encouraging people to choose EE broadband packages, by making it really easy to switch and even giving you £50 credit if your old provider charges you to move across. It’s competitive, if not the cheapest, and also rewards loyalty with extra data for mobile customers when they sign up for EE broadband. Telly addicts and people with a need for ultrafast internet speed might want to look elsewhere, but with its broad UK coverage for Standard and Fibre broadband packages, EE is definitely worth putting on your shortlist.

You say

"EE's customer service is exceptional, any problems however big or small are dealt with by the experienced advisors. Very happy with them!"


"Excellent reliability, good price and no hassling from customer services to take up new/added services."


"It does what it's supposed to do at a price I am happy with."


"Since having it have had no problems or slow speeds and that is in a house of 5 with 2 teens on games consoles constantly."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by in July 2020.

The provider

Well known for its great mobile coverage, EE is one of the biggest telecommunications providers in the UK. It offers home broadband and TV deals as well as mobile packages. EE (which originated as ‘Everything Everywhere’) was formed in 2010 when Orange’s French owner and T-Mobile’s German owner merged their UK mobile operations. Now owned by BT, EE is one of the UK’s ‘big four’ mobile network operators. It uses BT’s superfast home broadband network to deliver its own range of broadband services. EE broadband reviews and customer surveys consistently rate the company among the top for satisfaction and it’s one of the least complained about providers in the market.

The process

EE makes it really easy for customers to switch to EE broadband. It will even notify your current provider, provided they’re also on the Openreach network. That shouldn’t take too long, either – industry regulator Ofcom says customers waited on average 12 days for their new EE broadband and (if needed) landline service to be delivered. Only 3% had to wait more than three weeks, the lowest proportion of all the providers listed. EE will give you £50 credit if your current broadband provider charges you for switching early. And you won’t even need to wait in to get your new EE router – it’s designed to fit through most letterboxes.

The product

You’ll get one of two EE broadband routers, depending on which EE broadband deal you choose. Both are small enough to come through your letterbox and are simple to set up yourself, so you won’t need an engineer’s visit. For standard ADSL broadband, you’ll get the EE Bright Box router. It’s dual band, has four ethernet ports and supports remote assistance. EE fibre broadband customers get the higher-tech EE Smart Hub router. Features include seven internal antennae to ensure maximum Wi-Fi capacity. The Hub can be controlled from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and you can limit access to certain devices, which might be helpful for kids’ homework times or after lights out.

What EE broadband packages can I choose from?

There are five different EE broadband packages to choose from, depending on the speed you need and what’s available in your postcode area. All EE broadband is truly unlimited, which means no download caps or traffic management to restrict the speeds for some tasks at peak times.

The average speeds range from 10Mbps for standard ADSL broadband, through fibre packages averaging 36 and 67Mbps up to the ultrafast 145 and 300Mbps full-fibre options. Standard and fibre EE broadband packages are available across much of the UK and are fast enough for most households. The ultrafast network is still being rolled out and access is currently more limited. 

All the EE broadband packages come with an 18-month contract and free set up. However, expect an annual price increase each April in-line with the Consumer Price Index. If you’re an EE mobile customer on a pay-monthly plan, you’ll enjoy extra mobile data free when you switch to EE broadband. You’ll get an extra 5GB every month with standard and fibre EE broadband packages and 20GB with the ultrafast fibre EE broadband packages.

Take a look at the EE provider page to find out which of the latest EE broadband packages are available in your area.

EE Standard Broadband

This is EE’s lowest-cost broadband package. EE Standard Broadband offers an average speed of 10Mbps and is available to most households in the UK. It’s a great choice if you're a small household that mainly uses the internet for basic browsing, email and occasional streaming to one or two devices. 

EE Fibre Broadband

With an average speed of 36Mbps and available across most of the UK, EE Fibre Broadband is a great choice if several people in your household want to use the internet at the same time across multiple devices.

EE Fibre Plus Broadband

If you’re in a small household that’s heavily into HD or 4K streaming and downloading and enjoys online gaming on several devices at once, you might want to look at EE Fibre Plus Broadband, with speeds averaging 67Mbps.

EE Fibre Max 1 Broadband and EE Fibre Max 2 Broadband

We’ll mention these as they’re part of EE’s broadband offer, but remember these full-fibre EE broadband packages are not yet widely available – and standard or fibre will be fine for the majority of households at the moment.

EE Fibre Max 1 Broadband promises speeds 13 times faster than EE Standard Broadband and EE Fibre Max 2 Broadband comes up to 28 times faster, so it’s definitely one to watch for the future.

Do I get a landline with an EE broadband package?

If you have an existing landline your EE broadband package can be connected to this. If you don’t then you’ll have to have one installed for an additional charge. Pay-as-you-use calls are included in your EE landline, but you can upgrade to one of several different phone packages that give you inclusive calls.

What TV can I get with my EE broadband package?

If you are an EE mobile phone customer, you can take advantage of EE’s Apple TV offer by bundling it with your new broadband deal. For £12 a month extra, you can get Apple’s latest 4K Apple TV including a BT Sport subscription for watching the action on your big screen.

On top of a BT Sport subscription, you will also be able to enjoy 12 months of Apple TV+ as well as all of the apps that can be installed and viewed on Apple TV. 

What is EE’s speed guarantee?

When you sign up to EE broadband, they’ll tell you what minimum guaranteed speed you can expect. If your speed turns out to be lower than this, EE will try to fix the issue. If EE can’t sort it within 30 days, you’ll be able to leave with no charge.

Is the EE Smart Hub router any good?

If you sign up to one of the EE Fibre Broadband packages, you’ll get the EE Smart Hub for your internet access at no extra cost. It’s the same as the award-winning BT Smart Hub but is EE-branded and, like the EE Bright Box that comes with the EE Standard Broadband, is designed exclusively for use on the EE broadband network.

It fits through most letterboxes so you won’t need to wait at home for it to be delivered. It’s plug-in and go so you won’t need to wait in for an engineer to visit and set it up, either. 

EE describes the EE Smart Hub as its “fastest, most powerful router ever”. It’s designed to give you a stronger, reliable Wi-Fi signal all around your home with seven internal Wi-Fi antennae and dual Wi-Fi bands.

It’s powerful enough to handle lots of devices so everyone in your household should get a great online experience, even if you’re all on your phones, tablets, laptops and TV at the same time.

The EE Smart Hub has built-in family-friendly safety features, too. You can log in to the Hub manager from any of your connected devices and see who else is connected and how much data they’re using. It even lets you turn off access to the internet for specific devices at certain times, which could be a great help to parents trying to keep the kids focused on homework or getting a good night’s sleep! And if the EE Smart Hub happens to be in your bedroom you can be assured it won’t keep you awake, either, as you can dim or turn off its LED light.

It also offers the latest WPA2 wireless security to help keep you and your family’s data safer online.

What’s the customer service like on EE broadband packages?

Any broadband provider is only as good as its customer service, so you’ll be interested to know how other customers feel EE has handled any issues that have cropped up during their EE broadband contract.

The most recent Comparing Service Quality report from industry regulator Ofcom shows EE customers among the most satisfied with the way any complaints were handled. It also ranked among the highest for overall customer satisfaction and below average for customers with reason to complain. Not surprisingly, that meant the level of complaints to Ofcom about EE was also among the lowest, with 36 per 100,000 subscribers against an average 58.

For landlines, EE was the top-rated provider for customer satisfaction, among the lowest for customers with a reason to complain and ranked highest for satisfaction with complaints handling.

EE’s customer contact centres also came out top in the 2018 and 2019 surveys of broadband customers by independent research company Dynata.