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John Lewis broadband review

John Lewis's department stores speak for themselves, but what's its broadband like? Read customer reviews here to find out.

  • Rewards - you can sometimes get John Lewis e-gift cards when you sign up to one of its broadband deals
  • 24/7 customer service - if you have any problems with your broadband, you can access great customer service all day, every day
  • Free calls - every broadband package comes with free evening and weekend calls, so you can spend less on your landline

What's the verdict?

John Lewis Broadband offers similar broadband packages to most other basic providers, and it’s easy to get set up. Its rewards offering is probably among the most generous out there, but its packages aren’t exactly the cheapest when compared to EE, Sky and TalkTalk.

It’s an ideal provider for those looking for reliable internet for a reasonable price – but bear in mind you can likely find cheaper deals that include TV services for a similar or cheaper price. 

We say

John Lewis Broadband offers broadband packages to suit most broadband speeds, and you can even benefit from some fairly generous rewards. All packages have no hidden fees or activation costs, so you know exactly what you need to pay when you sign up. However, it’s not one of the cheapest providers that offer faster broadband. It lacks flexibility when it comes to its contracts and you can’t include TV services in your package, however the 24/7 customer service does offer more peace of mind. Its traffic management policy might not be ideal for the most intensive users, but it will ensure a stable connection for basic internet tasks at all times.

You say

"Provide a reliable connection with high speed internet."

John Lewis consumer reviews

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"Reliability and speed."

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"I think any broadband has maximum speed where customer satisfied."

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"Good customer service."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by BroadbandDeals.com in July 2020.

The provider

The John Lewis brand is probably better known for its high-end department stores like Waitrose, but it actually offers broadband and phone services too. John Lewis Broadband basically resells services by Plusnet, and so the contract for the services you sign up for are technically with Plusnet. John Lewis Broadband boasts that it offers “great value” unlimited broadband with access to customer support 24/7. You can also sometimes get your hands on a John Lewis e-gift card when you sign up, depending on what deals are available.

The process

You can sign up with John Lewis Broadband either over the phone or online and you will then receive a confirmation email. It usually takes between 10 to 12 working days to switch broadband services, but you should still have internet during this time. John Lewis Broadband will handle most of the ‘switch’ and will contact your current supplier to make arrangements. However, if you are switching from a cable provider like Virgin Media, you will have to provide notice yourself. It’s also important that you tell your current provider not to cancel your services while you are waiting for your John Lewis Broadband services to be activated.

The product

Every John Lewis Broadband package comes with a free router – which one you get depends on the type of broadband you have signed up for. With its standard ADSL Unlimited Broadband, you will likely receive the Netgear WNR1000 router. If you opt for one of the fibre packages, you will likely get the ZyXEL VMG8924 router. Both routers are probably not as technical as what you might get with the likes of Sky and BT but should be sufficient to access your internet with little to no problems. It’s very simple to set these routers up and you can access helpful setup guides on the John Lewis Broadband website.

John Lewis Broadband deals and offers

With John Lewis Broadband, you can choose from three different broadband packages – Unlimited, Fibre and Fibre Extra, and they all come with a phone line. There may not be a lot to choose from, but the provider does promise that all of its packages have no hidden fees or activation costs.

What’s good is that all of its services come with free evening and weekend calls. All packages have a 12-month contract, so this may not be ideal if you’re looking for a commitment-free plan that comes with a monthly rolling contract. And, unlike some other providers, there is no fixed-price guarantee, so you may face an unexpected price increase during your contract.

John Lewis Broadband rewards

One of the better aspects of this provider is its rewards that are sometimes included in its broadband deals. Depending on the deals available, you can receive a John Lewis e-gift card – which you can spend on the John Lewis or Waitrose website – or a device. You should get your reward once your service has activated (usually within 60 days from activation). 

You can explore John Lewis Broadband deals and packages here.

Added services

Unlike some of the top providers like Virgin Media and Sky, John Lewis Broadband doesn’t offer TV services, so you will have to get this separately. You are also limited on what broadband tech you can get your hands on. 

John Lewis Broadband speed

How you use the internet will determine what broadband package and speed you will need. John Lewis Broadband has three packages to offer, all with free evening and weekend calls, with average speeds up to 66Mbps. Here’s what you can get:

Unlimited Broadband with phone

For basic internet use like browsing the web and sending emails, this package offers average download speeds of 10Mbps and unlimited data use for around £20 a month. This speed is pretty much the norm when it comes to standard ADSL broadband.

However, you can probably find a similar deal that’s a few pounds cheaper. For example, you can get average download speeds of 11Mbps for around £17.50 with POP Telecom.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband with phone

Ideal for binge-watchers and online gamers, the Unlimited Fibre package offers speeds up to 36Mbps for around £27.50 a month. However, you can often find cheaper deals for the same speed by the likes of EE, TalkTalk and NOW TV Broadband.

Some broadband providers often have deals which means you can get faster internet for less than what John Lewis is offering. However, you might not get the free evening and weekend calls elsewhere.

Fibre Extra Broadband with phone 

You can get speeds up to 66Mbs with the Fibre Extra package for around £32.50 a month – and it comes with a PC security package from Bull Guard. Again, the package includes free evening and weekend calls, unlimited data usage and 24/7 customer support.

This package would be fine for those that love to stream movies online or play games on their Xbox or PlayStation. But, if you require an even faster broadband connection you may be better off with a cable provider like Virgin Media. 

To find out if John Lewis Broadband is available in your area, use this handy postcode checker

John Lewis speed reliability

John Lewis Broadband has signed up to the Ofcom Voluntary Speed Code of Practice. That means if you don’t receive the speeds you were guaranteed you should be able to leave your contract early without paying any fees. 

A downside to John Lewis Broadband is that it does use traffic management, which means it may restrict your internet speed during peak times. Although, its website isn’t very precise on when or how often they do resort to these measures. 

It states on its website: “In exceptional circumstances the network could become much busier than expected. This could be due to a major news event leading to a huge amount of online traffic, or in the rare case of network failure for example. In these situations, we would prioritise traffic on our network to help ensure that you get a great service no matter how busy it is.”

John Lewis Broadband customer service 

As a well-known brand, it’s no surprise that John Lewis Broadband has many avenues for customers seeking support. It offers a lot of online support such as its trouble-shooter that can diagnose and fix problems. Its Service Status section will provide you with details of any maintenance work or issues and you can contact its customer support team 24/7. 

Its customer support is as expected considering that Plusnet, the broadband that John Lewis sells, has award-winning customer service. For example, in Ofcom’s Customer Satisfaction Tracker 2019, Plusnet had the second-highest customer satisfaction score (46%), with EE in first place (47%). It also had the highest satisfaction with reliability of service (51%), compared to all other major broadband providers.