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POP Telecom broadband reviews

Is POP Telecom broadband right for you? Read on to find out from real customers what sort of experience you could expect if you sign up.

  • Fixed-price - POP Telecom promises there will be no price increases throughout the lifetime of a contract
  • Flexible contracts - you don’t have to commit fully to POP Telecom as you can opt for a 30-day rolling contract
  • Traffic management - POP Telecom doesn’t use traffic management, so you don’t have to worry about your broadband being artificially slowed down.

What’s the verdict?

If you’re looking for reasonably priced, ‘no-frills’ broadband then POP Telecom may be a worthy contender. However, many other budget providers are offering more for your money, which might be worth exploring if you’re looking for the best broadband speeds.

There’s also a question mark over its switching process and it has had a fair few negative online reviews, which does raise a red flag. However, it does offer packages to meet most internet needs and every deal comes with unlimited data usage. 

We say

POP Telecom is not the most well-known provider around, but it does offer ‘no-frills’ broadband at a reasonable price. You can get a package to meet most broadband needs, with speeds of up to 63Mbps available. However, it is likely you can get better speeds for less money with other budget providers. It does offer flexibility with its ‘no contract’ broadband deals but it’s lacking when it comes to added extras – POP Telecom doesn’t offer TV services, internet security or any business broadband extras like a Static IP. Its switching process is also not entirely clear, which could be problematic when it comes to cancelling with your old provider.

You say

"they provide good customer service to there customers in low cost."

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POP Telecom broadband logo

"My broadband has great and latest technology"

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*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by BroadbandDeals.com in July 2020.

The provider

Essex-based broadband provider POP Telecom was formed in 2011 and offers ADSL and fibre broadband to its customers. Pop Telecom is accessible to most people as the home and business broadband network it operates on (supplied by openreach) covers 95% of the UK. The up-and-coming broadband provider considers itself to be one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in the UK, providing low-cost, simple broadband and phone deals. It also prides itself on delivering UK-based customer service to the highest standard.

The process

When it comes to switching to POP Telecom, it’s not as straightforward as it usually is with other providers as you will be responsible for telling your old provider that you will be leaving them. It’s not clear exactly how long it will take to have your new services up and running with POP Telecom, but the provider states that it will take 14 days to take over the phone line that gives you internet access. Once you have placed your order you will receive your package live date, which will tell you when you can expect your broadband to go live. Your new router will be delivered the day before this to ensure you have everything you need to use your broadband services.

The product

If you have opted for basic broadband with POP Telecom, you will receive a free TP-Link w8961n router – which is a standard modem for ADSL broadband. It’s not the most technically advanced gadget out there, but it should be capable of providing a decent Wi-Fi signal in a standard-sized house. But, if you are looking for better Wi-Fi range or are a keen gamer, you may want to upgrade this router. It will cost £9.99 for delivery and will arrive, at the latest, the day before your services go live. You can also take advantage of POP Telecom’s Router Assurance, which means if your router fails or breaks, it will be replaced the next day for free. Without this, a new router or repair under warranty will cost £40.

POP Telecom deals and offers

POP Telecom sits among many other budget providers offering low-cost broadband with ‘no frills’. It has a range of broadband packages offering standard ADSL and fibre broadband with speeds of 11Mbps, 35Mbps and 63Mbps, which is the norm when compared to other ‘no-frills’ broadband providers.

It does not appear to have many (if any) special offers or discount schemes, but all packages have unlimited usage with no traffic management. All deals also include line rental as standard, so you can also add call bundles if you need to. But, if you’re looking to bundle in TV services to your package, you may have to look elsewhere as POP Telecom does not offer this.

Its contracts range between 18 and 24 months and if you’re not looking to commit you can take advantage of its ‘no contract’ broadband. Find out more about broadband with minimum commitment in our guide to no-contract broadband.

POP Telecom's tailored solutions

What is unique about POP Telecom is that it provides ‘tailored solutions’ deals to suit specific groups. These deals include Over 60s; Rural Broadband; Student Broadband; Broadband for Gamers; and Broadband for Landlords.

However, these tailored solutions don’t appear to offer any special discounts or rewards and it seems like POP Telecom has repackaged its existing deals to create these ‘tailored solutions’ to make them appear more appealing to different groups of people.

POP Telecom business broadband 

Unlike most other budget providers, POP Telecom does have a business broadband offering. It provides a ‘premium’ landline and offers the same speeds available with its home broadband deals, so it doesn’t differ much from its standard offering.

Also, its business packages don’t come with any added extras such as a Static IP address and security, which you are likely to get included with your business deals if you were to go with other providers such as BT and Virgin Media. Again, it appears that POP Telecom’s existing deals have been repackaged to suit businesses looking for broadband.  

POP Telecom broadband speed

With POP Telecom you can choose between basic ADSL broadband or fibre broadband, depending on how fast you need your internet to be. Typically, if you game online a lot and stream video content frequently, you will be better off with one of its fibre deals.

If you only carry out basic internet tasks like emails and browsing the web, its standard broadband would suit just fine. With POP Telecom, you can choose from the following: 


This standard ADSL broadband package will give you average speeds of 11Mbps and is available on an 18-month contract – it costs around the same as what other budget providers are offering. You can also opt for a 24-month contract, but this will cost you a little bit more.

This could be because it has a longer contract period and POP Telecom promises no price increases for the life of a contract. This broadband is also available on a 30-day rolling contract, but this will, again, bring the price up.

POP Telecom also offers other standard broadband deals which bundle in call plans – you can choose from Weekend Calls to landlines or Anytime Calls to landlines. 

Fibre Advanced Broadband 

With the Fibre Advance package, you can get average speeds up to 35Mbps on its 12-month contract and its 24-month deal is, again, a bit more expensive. Unfortunately, POP Telecom rolling monthly contracts are only available with its standard ADSL broadband.

Despite its broadband deals being relatively low cost, it is possible to get a similar fibre deal for less money with other budget providers such as TalkTalk and Plusnet. You may even find better speeds available for a similar price to what POP Telecom is offering. 

Superfast Fibre Infinity Broadband 

Fibre Infinity has the highest speeds in the POP Telecom portfolio with average speeds of 63Mbps. This deal is only available on a 12-month contract and it’s probably not the cheapest deal around – you are likely to find other providers offering more for less money. 

What's POP Telecom's customer service like?

As it is a relatively small company there are little to no statistics or figures available to show how POP Telecom compares to its competitors in terms of customer service and customer satisfaction. 

However, numerous reviews websites do show mixed reviews with quite a few negative comments on customer service and poor broadband speeds. Saying that, the budget provider is rated 4.6 on Trustpilot. 

POP Telecom has the standard customer service routes you would expect. It offers UK-based sales support and customer service that are available Monday to Friday until 6pm – you won’t be able to access these lines on the weekend. However, its technical support line is open Monday to Sunday until 6pm. You can also use its live chat to seek help if you need it.