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Shell Energy broadband review

Can you be sure that Shell Energy broadband is right for you? Find reviews from real Shell Energy broadband customers here to help you make up your mind.

  • Straightforward broadband deals - even though they technically come from an energy supplier
  • Customer rewards - discounts on petrol and other offers are available through the Shell Go+ reward programme
  • No end-of-contract price rises - your monthly charge won't be hiked up once you reach the end of your minimum contract period

What's the verdict?

If you’re looking for a no-frills broadband deal then Shell Energy is worth a look, as long as you’re okay with getting your TV elsewhere. Although new to the broadband market, Shell is a household name. It’s eager to attract customers so you might be able to grab a discount that gives Shell Energy the price-edge over similar deals from its competitors.

We say

You might be surprised to discover that you can get your home broadband from the big name most of us associate with roadside service stations. Shell Energy might be a newcomer to broadband but it has a global reputation to keep up, and that could benefit customers. Shell wants to move up there among the top broadband providers, so it’s investing millions in customer service and offering some attractive discounts and loyalty schemes. With speeds and UK coverage similar to other providers on the Openreach network, Shell Energy could make your shortlist as long as you’re not looking for lots of extras and aren’t set on bundling in TV.

You say

"Monthly costs and capacity both are generally good for this broadband."

Shell Energy consumer reviews

Shell Energy broadband logo

"It is reliable and provides a good customer service."

Shell Energy broadband logo

"After one month all seems well."

Shell Energy broadband logo

"It is very reliable to use."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by BroadbandDeals.com in July 2020.

The provider

Shell needs no introduction to most of us – it is one of the world’s best-known brands and its fuel stations are easily recognisable on roads and motorways almost everywhere. Shell expanded into the home energy market in the UK in 2018 when it bought a company called First Utility. This was the largest outside the ‘big six’ home energy providers, supplying broadband, electricity and gas to hundreds of thousands of homes across Britain. Shell rebranded First Utility in 2019 to sell home broadband, gas and electricity as part of its Shell Energy range of products.

The process

Shell Energy broadband aims to make your switch as straightforward as possible. It will even take care of letting your old provider know, unless you’re with Virgin Media, in which case you’ll have to contact them yourself. The switch generally takes around two weeks from when your order is accepted. While you’re waiting, Shell Energy will post out your new Wi-Fi router. You won’t usually need a visit from an engineer, unless you’re having a new landline installed. On your go-live date, your service will switch across to Shell Energy automatically and they’ll let you know by email when it’s done. Then you simply plug in your new Wi-Fi router using Shell Energy’s easy-to-follow router guide and you should be ready to roll.

The product

All Shell Energy broadband packages include the same free Wi-Fi router model that was issued to First Utility customers. It’s a Technicolor TG588V V2, which is a pretty basic model compared to the router that comes from most of the other providers. It supports only single-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz), which means you lose the flexibility and stability you get with the dual-band routers that are more common these days. If everything else about Shell Energy broadband adds up for you but you don’t get on with the router you could buy your own – although that may affect the technical support you can get from Shell if anything goes wrong.

Should I choose Shell Energy broadband? 

Could a Shell Energy broadband package be the right choice for you? Read on as we guide you through the different options.  

What Shell Energy broadband packages can I choose from?

Shell Energy broadband has three different packages to choose from. The best one for your household will depend on the speed you need and what’s available in your postcode area. All Shell Energy broadband is truly unlimited.

That means you’re free to use your internet as much as you like without getting any nasty surprises on your bill, and Shell Energy doesn’t use traffic management to restrict the broadband speeds at peak times.

The average speeds of Shell broadband are 11Mbps for standard ADSL broadband and 35Mbps and 63Mbps for its two fibre packages. These speeds are very similar to other providers who use the Openreach network in the UK, including BT, Sky and TalkTalk. Shell Energy broadband’s UK coverage is similar to the other providers who use Openreach, too.

All Shell Energy broadband deals come with 18-month contracts. Unlike some of the other providers, your monthly cost won’t increase after your minimum contract period ends. This could be a plus for you if you like to stick with the same provider over the long term.

However, it could still be worth comparing all the latest broadband deals once your minimum contract term is up, as it’s so easy to switch and you might find something more attractive. Shell broadband comes with no upfront cost for installation via your existing phone line. If you don’t already have a suitable phone line, though, it will cost you £60 for Shell Energy broadband to arrange to have one put in.

Our Shell Energy broadband provider page will help you find out which of the latest Shell Energy broadband packages you can get in your postcode area.

Shell Fast broadband

This is the lowest-cost broadband package from Shell Energy. Despite its name, Shell Fast broadband is actually the slowest in its range, offering an average speed of 11Mbps. However, it could be a great choice if your household mainly uses the internet for browsing the web, sending and receiving email and occasional live streaming to one or two devices. 

Shell Superfast Fibre broadband

With an average speed of 35Mbps, Shell Superfast Fibre broadband could be the one for you if you have a few people in your household who tend to use the internet at the same time across multiple devices and enjoy live streaming, video calls or online gaming.

Shell Superfast Fibre Plus broadband 

If yours is a larger household that uses the internet a lot, you might want to look at Shell Superfast Fibre Plus broadband, with speeds averaging 63Mbps. This speed would suit you if you and the people you live with are frequently live streaming, downloading or playing games online across several devices at once. 

Do I get a landline with a Shell Energy broadband package?

If you already have a landline then your new service can be connected to this but if not, then Shell Energy will arrange for you to have one installed for an additional charge. All Shell Energy broadband deals include line rental and pay-as-you-go calls, which might suit you fine if you’re not a heavy internet user or if your household prefers to use the inclusive minutes that come with your mobile phones.

If you use your landline a lot, though, you might save money by bundling extra call packages to the Shell Energy broadband’s basic deal. You can choose from evening and weekend calls, anytime calls and international calls.

Can I get TV with my Shell Energy broadband package?

Shell broadband doesn’t offer TV, so you’ll need to get that from another provider or add a Freeview box to your home entertainment set-up.

Can I get any discounts and extras with Shell Energy broadband?

Shell Energy broadband offers a few discounts and extras that don’t add up to a huge amount but could just be deal-makers if you like the look of everything else. 

If you’re a Shell Energy customer for your gas and electricity, you’ll be eligible for a broadband discount of up to £7 a month. Remember though that if you switch to another energy provider while you’re still in the minimum contract period for your broadband then you may lose the discount.

Even if you don’t have your gas and electricity with Shell Energy you might still be able to find a discounted deal as Shell often runs special promotions and offers to attract new customers.

When you take out a Shell Energy broadband contract you’ll also be able to join the Shell Go+ rewards programme, which gives you 3% discount on up to 60 litres of fuel each month from Shell service stations, plus other personalised offers. 

As a no-frills provider, Shell Energy broadband doesn’t include extras like anti-virus software, so it’s recommended that you install your own to protect you and your household’s security online.

What’s the customer service like on Shell Energy broadband packages?

Shell Energy broadband is a bit too new to have much review history in its own right, so you won’t find a lot of Shell broadband reviews out there yet. However, its predecessor First Utility won a Customer Service of the Year award for utilities in 2017.

Shell Energy says it’s building on this legacy and has invested more than £20 million in its customer service team since acquiring First Utility, with the aim of addressing some of the things First Utility customers were less happy with and doing more of the things First Utility got right. Shell Energy wants to become the top service provider in the industry. 

Like most other broadband providers, you can contact Shell Energy broadband’s customer service via live chat, phone or email. Unlike some of its competitors, though, you won’t find 24/7 support with Shell Energy broadband – its Customer Care Line is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday.

It does have a comprehensive range of information on its website, where you can find the answers to many frequently asked questions and possibly fix your issue yourself without needing further help.