Vodafone broadband review

Can you be sure that Vodafone broadband is the right option for your needs? We’ve taken a look to help you decide which of its packages is right for you. 

  • Speed guarantee - Vodafone’s Ultimate Broadband Guarantee means money off your bill if your download speeds dip too low
  • Rewards - Vodafone mobile customers get discounts on broadband
  • Superfast fibre packages - get some of the fastest speeds at affordable prices

What’s the verdict?

An established and trusted mobile phone network, Vodafone Home Broadband is available for both new and existing Vodafone customers (existing customer discounts available), with unlimited usage and at competitive prices. You can also control Vodafone’s broadband service via the ‘Vodafone Broadband’ app which allows you to control who is using the service, as well as setting up a guest network for visitors to use.

While Vodafone is best known for mobile phone plans, it also offers fibre broadband and phone bundles and a TV service through Apple TV. One of Vodafone’s major selling points is the Ultimate Broadband Guarantee, which gives customers money off their bill if their connection consistently drops below a guaranteed speed. The broadband packages also come with a decent router and there are discounts to users who also take out a Vodafone Pay Monthly Contract.

You’ll also get a discount of up to £3/month on Superfast Broadband if you’re a Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer. Pay Monthly mobile customers can also get a £5/month discount on Gigafast Broadband plans, potentially meaning you can get Gigafast Broadband from as little as £23/month. Also included is a six-month free subscription to F-Secure SAFE anti-virus – free security tools are always a good bonus to have.

We say

Vodafone offers great value fibre packages that have made it very competitive in the marketplace. Vodafone has established itself by offering two market-leading fibre broadband deals at an affordable price. Because of its phone network, existing customers are also able to take advantage of exclusive broadband prices. The fact you can get fast fibre speeds and have Apple TV access as well is a bonus. Unique to Vodafone, its Ultimate Broadband Guarantee is also a major plus point. It promises a service and speed pledge for all Superfast 1 and Superfast 2 customers. Any customer’s broadband whose speed drops below a minimum of 25Mbps for Superfast 1 and 55Mbps for Superfast 2 are entitled to a discount of 15% on their bill until it is improved to the promised levels.

You say

Vodafone has great customer service which went over and beyond what I would have expected. Speeds were initially slower than stated which was a concern, but that ended up resolving itself.


"Good performance and good reliability at a fairly good price."


"Very fast speed and low cost fibre, however router is a little less user friendly than others."


"Good provider yet slightly slower speeds than expected."

*Reviews on this page are randomly selected and sourced from an anonymous feedback survey of 7,681 broadband customers conducted by BroadbandDeals.com in July 2020.

The provider

With 27 million fixed broadband customers as of June 2020, Vodafone is one of the UK’s largest and best-known broadband providers. Based in Berkshire, the provider employs 13,000 people across the UK and launched its broadband service in 2015. Since then, it has established itself as providing good-value fibre broadband alongside a range of other telecoms services.

The process

Vodafone promises a stress-free switch in a few easy steps. All you need to do is choose one of its broadband packages and select an activation date online, or an installation date if your address doesn’t have an Openreach line yet. Vodafone will then handle everything from your old provider (unless you are a Virgin Media customer or on another broadband network, in which case you will need to cancel directly) and even book an engineer if you need one.

The product

On both the Superfast and Gigafast broadband packages, you receive Vodafone’s Wi-Fi Hub router when you sign up. The router supports Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology and has four Gigabit ethernet sockets as well to connect to a wired device. The stand-out aspects of the router are the smart features that are available: Boost: Gives priority to one device for a few hours, allowing you to download big files onto your tab. Guest network: This allows visitors to use the internet without giving them full network access. Family Time: Allows you to disconnect selected devices at various times of the day. You can also control the router through the Vodafone Broadband app. The Vodafone fibre router also offers ‘beamforming technology’, which means you can direct the router’s signal to a particular device in the house. On its mobile GigaCube platform you will receive the Huawei B528 on a GigaCube 4G plan and the Huawei 5G CPE Pro on a GigaCube 5G plan.

Vodafone broadband deals 

Vodafone offers three types of broadband packages:

Superfast broadband

The most popular home broadband package, available to 91% of UK households. Uses fibre-to-the-cabinet technology to give you average download speeds of either 35Mbps or 63Mbps. To put these download speeds in context, Superfast 1 is about three times faster than standard ADSL broadband and Superfast 2 is around six times faster. This is on par with other providers, especially those on the Openreach network (everyone except Virgin Media and a number of full fibre providers).

The speeds offered would suit most homes who use the internet, stream Netflix and game online – problems are likely to arise if you have multiple users trying to download video games a lot or stream in 4K. The broadband packages are sold as a 24-month minimum term contract and include phone and broadband line rental. The Superfast package also has an option which includes an Apple 4K TV along with a one-year Apple TV+ subscription.

Gigafast broadband

Vodafone’s fastest home broadband service, currently available in 12 UK towns and cities. It uses full fibre technology to give you average download speeds of between 100Mbps and 900Mbps. The major limitation of Gigafast broadband is the number of places that are able to access it, but more towns and cities are expected to come on board during 2020 and over the next few years. Gigafast has four broadband plans based on the speeds that are available.

There are currently four Gigafast broadband plans, differing based on the speeds that are available:

  • Gigafast Broadband 100 has average download speeds and upload speeds of 100Mbps.

  • Gigafast Broadband 200 has average download speeds and upload speeds of 200Mbps.

  • Gigafast Broadband 500 has average download speeds and upload speeds of 500Mbps.

  • Gigafast Broadband 900 has average download speeds and upload speeds of 900Mbps.

GigaCube 4G and 5G broadband

You could also choose home broadband that uses Vodafone’s mobile network, without the need for a phone line and available to around 99% of the population. It uses either 4G or 5G technology to give download speeds that are comparable to a fibre broadband service. There is a choice of two different routers when you sign up.

The Vodafone GigaCube 4G (a Huawei B528 router) is slightly cheaper but restricts you to Vodafone’s 3G and 4G network. The Vodafone GigaCube 5G router (Huawei 5G CPE Pro) allows you to access faster 5G download speeds, at the cost of being a more expensive device. The price depends on how much data you want.

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Vodafone broadband speed

When it comes to speed, Vodafone decided that fibre was its only way forward and doesn’t offer standard broadband as most other providers. It instead focuses on its fibre packages with two speeds averaging 35Mbps and 63Mbps.

Customers on the Superfast packages have access to Vodafone’s Ultimate Broadband Guarantee, where if the speeds to your router drop below 25Mbps on Superfast 1 or 55Mbps on Superfast 2, you receive a 15% discount on your bill until the problem is resolved.

What are Vodafone's broadband download limits?

You don’t have to worry about download limits as there are none. This means you can download as much as you like, without having your download speeds throttled or reduced.

On Vodafone GigaCube, there are a range of price plans, with download limits in place on most of them. There is a 100GB download limit on the £30/month plan, a 200GB download limit on the £40/month plan and 300GB download limit on the £50/month plan. The only exception is on the 5G version of the £50/month plan which comes with unlimited data.

Vodafone broadband installation 

For Vodafone’s most popular Superfast option, there are two ways of it working depending on whether you have a home phone line or not. If you need a brand-new phone line installed, Vodafone will get an engineer to contact you and discuss the best way to get the line into your home. If you have an active phone line already, you will be sent a Vodafone router and given a clear idea of how and when to plug in. In general, the installation of Vodafone broadband takes around two weeks.

Vodafone broadband customer service 

Vodafone offers all the usual ways of contact. You can speak to an advisor by phone on 0333 3040 191 or dial 191 for free from any Vodafone SIM. It also offers a Vodafone broadband live chat service which is available 24/7.

Vodafone's broadband traffic management

All the broadband from Vodafone is truly unlimited, with no usage cap or limit on how much you can use and download. And there's no traffic management, so your speeds won't ever be artificially slowed down. 

Vodafone Home Line 

Vodafone’s home phone service is only available as part of its broadband deals. All Vodafone broadband includes line rental too which you can make pay-as-you-go calls on. You can tailor your deal with several packages to suit your landline usage, including things like voicemail plus, call management features and caller display.

You can also upgrade to include evening and weekend calls to landlines, or anytime calls to both landlines and mobiles. While there is more available on something like a BT landline, it’s still a better range than what other similar providers offer.

Vodafone Together Customer Discount

You will receive a Vodafone Together discount if you are a Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer, on the following home broadband plans: 

  • £2/month discount on Superfast Broadband if you have a 12-month SIM-only deal, a 30-day SIM-only deal or a mobile broadband plan.

  • £3/month discount on Superfast Broadband if you have a phone contract, a 24-month SIM-only deal or an 18-month SIM-only deal.

  • £5/month discount on Gigafast Broadband.

You can also benefit from Vodafone’s Stay Connected Promise, which gives you a 50GB mobile data boost if you are unable to use your home broadband service. This covers areas like a fault with your home broadband or when you are moving home.